About me

Currently, I am a PhD student at University Grenoble Alpes. I prepare my thesis in CEA Clinatec lab where I work on BCI project. In my research I focus on developing and applying deep learning methods to brain signals. I concentrate on improving of ECoG/EEG decoding algorithms. I hope to help disabled people in their daily life by increasing brain-computer interfaces accuracy.

Scientific contributions:


  • 3rd place award in BEETL: Benchmark for EEG Transfer Learning NeurIPS 2021 Competition
  • The Contributed Talk Award Runner-up on ML in PL Conference 2021
  • Best poster award in reinforcement learning category - Easter European Machine Learning school 2020
  • Distinction in Polish competition for the best master's thesis on machine learning or data analysis (2020).webpage
  • Kaggle competition: Intel & MobileODT Cervical Cancer Screening. 45th position (out of 848) on the leaderboard (2017).

Other activities:


Reinforcement learning based brain-computer interface

Poster presentation from EEML 2020. Best poster award in reinforcement learning category.